Making drawings was her first love but Karin Swildens started carving wood sculptures some 30 years ago, soon followed by the discovery of clay. Creating ceramic, high-fired and stoneware sculptures is her way of existing.

She expresses herself and lives our common experiences through sculptures of women,  horses and fantasy-mythology as well as carved eggs and architectural doors.

Her art-deco pieces are a remnant of her European background and her erotic sculptures are full of humor and tenderness.

Within the pages of this website, you will also find a number of bronzes.


Karin Swildens was born in Holland, raised in Morocco where she learned French, and studied at "Les Arts Décoratifs" in Paris.

After her studies, she worked on restorations of "Le Louvre Museum" paintings, illustrated children's magazines and was the author and illustrator of a children's book, "Poutou et Pitchoun" published by Dessain et Torla, Paris, France, and designed  scarfs for "Hermès", one of the top fashion and accessory design companies in Paris.

Stories, experiences, imagination and mythology are the basis of her inspiration.

She uses archetypal and personal symbols to convey a message of respect for "Joy and Humor in Life".

In 1980, shortly after coming to the United States she began to create wood sculptures as a way to see and touch the "other side" of her paintings.

By 1982 she focused her energy on CLAY and has loved it with a passion ever since. Karin's current ceramic works feature "Horses" and "Women" and the two combined, "Doors" as experiences of life, and much more that you will discover on these pages. Karin Swildens' artwork is shown in many art galleries, in The USA and abroad.

Karin Swildens on the Carol Duvall Show on HGTV, 6:15mn